The Ticket

When faced with a challenge, what do you do? If something is ruining your life and you know there is a solution– do you do what it takes to fix it? For me, the SOLUTION was in my FOOD. The food I was eating was putting my body in a world of hurt and the only way to change it was to alter my diet 360 degrees, putting aside everything I had ever known about the common American diet. Is it a challenge? Everyday. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Seven months ago I set out on a journey that would make everything in my world, simply better. Simple being the key word. Simple. Basic. Clean. Not simple as in it doesn’t take any work, but simple as in going back to the fundamentals of genuinely good, wholesome fare. What we eat helps to determine how we live. Our attitudes. Our physical energy and wellness. It literally has the ability to create and diminish pain. Who knew there was so much power in our food!? I didn’t until I had no other choice but to get down to the nitty-gritty and better understand this amazing truth. My health was bad, thus making my life “bad.” Twenty-one and feeling eighty-one had to end. FOOD was the ticket.

I want to continue learning and sharing with you this incredible discovery that has changed my life. Food is an exciting, passionate part of this world. It is meant to be enjoyed! Come with me– let us pursue good eating together! And maybe. Just maybe— your life will be impacted, too.


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